How to join - page under construction

If you hold multimedia from natural history or science, you would like to share with the public in an easy way, because you feel that your content deserves a greater audience, OpenUp! offers a tested and sustainable way to realize it.


   Get in Contact

   Technical Provisions

   OpenUp! Workflow



Get in contact: check of content, data and licensing

Technical Provisions: Setup, Mapping, Testing

Harvest with OAI-PMH, the OpenUp! Workflow


There are three main documents that have to be signed by the new content provider:

  1. MoU - the OpenUp! Memorandum of Understanding (only Content Provider)
    ... to join the OpenUp! network
    ... to accept the principles of the OpenUp! workflow
    ... to state the (long-term) accessibility of the new content.
  2. DEA - Europeana Data Exchange Agreement (Content Provider and Europeana Foundation)
    ... to authorize the publication of content metadata and thumbnails under CC0 license (Creative Commons);
        see Creative Commons licensing guide for more information.
  3. SLA - Service Level Agreement for technical support (Content Provider and AIT)
    ... to assure a continuous level of quality data and technical updates
    ... to accept to take part in the agreed service fee of the network.
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